The Music Behind The Man

What an amazing time to be alive!

I’ve always thought that I’ve been super blessed to be living in exactly these years, where music has been steadily evolving since I became old enough to appreciate and buy my own music. My ‘music appreciation journey’ started around my teenage years because I could now save my pocket money, to go get some music that I loved myself, also meaning I no longer had to listen to my parent’s choice of music anymore. Which isn’t a criticism of their tastes at all, after all my dad was listening to the  1974 ‘Bad Company’ album which had hits like “Ready For Love” and “Rock Steady”. Not bad for a preacher man, huh?

But I digress. What I mean is this, I’m glad I wasn’t born any earlier cos I would have missed  out on all the technological advances, and by extension, all the music that has been produced as a result of that. Wouldn’t want to be born much later either, like after the 1990s, cos I would not have the opportunity of living through, and performing all the awesome ‘band’ stuff, cos this taught me so much about rhythm, groove, band dynamics etc.

So yes, I think my life has been nicely poised to have experienced really amazing and diverse music, which is reflected in my choices of ‘albums that have shaped my own music’. So when my college mate Siva Ramanathan challenged me to do THAT ’10 favourite albums, no words, no explanation’ Facebook challenge, I decided to go a little further. In the next few postings, I write about some of the albums that have shaped my musicality, and probably influenced my music making process too. So, from Babyface to Bruno Mars, Streisand to Sting, Michael Jackson to Miles Davis… I hope these musings will give you a glimpse of how this ‘Man Behind The Music’ developed his own music identity.

Also, if there are budding musicians and students out there, here’s hoping that you start developing your own musical palette, which in turn I’m sure will help you grow and nurture your own music career, making great music along the way.

Keep Music Real!

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  1. Siva Ramanathan says:

    Nice one bro. Looking forward.

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